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My Top 3 Takeaways from UX Hacking with Don Norman

Tonight, I went to see Don Norman (author of the Design of Everyday Things) speak at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. It was a pleasant talk and Don seems like a super affable guy – someone you’d be proud to… Continue Reading →

Did Mendeley and Goodreads Sell Out?

Internet controversy! It’s my favorite thing since LOLcats, so it’s only fitting that I should address April’s monster acquisitions, especially since they have to do with publishing. Amazon has purchased GoodReads, selling your precious reading habits to the monster, and… Continue Reading →

Sponsored Content and Profile Pictures: Where to Draw the Li(n)e?

This morning, two stories in my Google Reader (hey, I’ve gotta use it while it’s still around) caught my eye. SearchEngineLand discussed paid content being excluded from Google News (itself a service on the way out?), and Poynter pondered whether… Continue Reading →

Adria Richards, Tech Conferences, and Steubenville

This week, the internet has been exploding with talk about Adria Richards’ experience reporting a sexual joke at PyCon. While I personally wish she had confronted the individuals directly, rather than posting their photos to Twitter, I think the point… Continue Reading →

The Problem with Aaron Swartz

The problem with Aaron Swartz isn’t a problem with Aaron himself, exactly. By all accounts he was a brilliant, dedicated, thoughtful person, constantly looking for ways to do everything better, and his death was a real loss. As Larissa MacFarquhar… Continue Reading →

Will Twitter Enter Facebook’s Filter Bubble–and What Will It Cost Us?

EdgeRank is the system Facebook uses to determine what posts appear in your News Feed (which don’t always end up being the most interesting ones). EdgeRank makes explicit the notion that some comments are worth more than others–not just the… Continue Reading →

The Fallacy of Discovery

Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook. Or was it the Winklevoss twins? Perhaps Aaron Greenspan? Jack Dorsey founded Twitter. Or was it Noah Glass, after all? Columbus discovered America. The demonstrable falsity and absurd implications of this claim can’t compare to the… Continue Reading →

Documenting the Undocumentable: Bill Callahan’s Apocalypse

Tonight, I watched a tour documentary–called, like his latest album, Apocalypse–about Bill Callahan (Smog), followed by a performance from the man himself. In three and a half hours of movie and music, I didn’t learn any typical documentary stuff: the… Continue Reading →

The Journalism Spectrum: From Raw Data to Dazzling Insights

Recently, I listened to a This American Life podcast (“Switcheroo”) about feigned identities. One of the stories (acts) covered Journatic, a company that’s dedicated to mining local data—from committee meetings to police blotters to weather reports—and making news stories out… Continue Reading →

How Pictures for Sad Children Is Like Facebook, Which Is Like a Gateway Drug

Last month, Pictures for Sad Children (an upliftingly depressing webcomic that I love) ran a strip last month about partying–or, more specifically, trying to stop the party. The text ran as such (though it’s not as great without the pictures,… Continue Reading →

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