About Kerry

biscuit-canoeHi, I’m Kerry. I’m from small-town Wisconsin and live in San Francisco, where I work for a public relations agency that focuses on technology startups.

I’ve been online since the days of AOL keywords, and always thought I wanted to be a technical writer, showing people how to use amazing technologies. I’ve since realized that it’s not the how that really matters but the why, so I love helping companies discover and tell stories about what their products mean to people. After freelancing and working in-house, I’ve found working for a small agency to be the perfect fit for me: I get to enjoy much of the flexibility and variety of freelancing, but can also learn from the smart people around me, clients and colleagues alike. I enjoy working with small companies aiming to do big things, and helping them tell stories about why their work matters.

I’ve lived in Oregon, Texas, Massachusetts, Washington, and California (see where I’ve been). I don’t plan to leave the West Coast except under dire circumstances.

Outside of work, I volunteer with Friends of the Urban Forest, Girls on the Run of the Bay Area, and the Taproot Foundation. I also run marathons, brew beer, hike the Bay Area, and hang out with my dog (pictured). My husband is a doctor for those times when running or hiking doesn’t go so well.

Pictures used in the header of this site are from Death to the Stock Photo, a worthy crusade.