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Futureminded 11: The Emperor’s New Billboards

Even though it’s won several awards, Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri is not a good movie. It has (theoretically) good intentions, a few good elements and occasionally some good acting. But it is not, by any stretch of the imagination, actually good. Instead, it is a terrible monument to our culture’s obsession with empty violence,

Futureminded 4: Danny Lyon’s Message to the Future

  Photographer Danny Lyon’s message to the future is: sorry dudes, it already happened. The street protests, Mexican migrants and prison conditions he documented in the 1960s and 1970s are surfacing again in Black Lives Matter, Trump walls and Free Alabama movements. The police state and the desire to keep walls between us is not

Futureminded 2: Apple Butter and the Food Conspiracy

“please remember to empty yourself, all of you” – Nick Twemlow [of preconceptions, of course – come hungry] What do coffee cans, Patty Hearst and Twinkies have in common? They’re all part of the food history of San Francisco, something I learned about in some detail during a recent Food Politics History Tour. I learned

Futureminded 1: Ripping Apart Our Culture of Consumption

“The culture of consumption may actually be stimulated by the warnings to consumers of all kinds of goods and services to be more cautious, more selfish. For these anxieties will require the further replication of goods and services.” – Susan Sontag, Illness as Metaphor Capitalism is a disease and it can only be cured by

Orbital Insight Launch

I helped announce a Series A funding round for Orbital Insight, a company that applies machine learning to satellite images to create market insights. We received great coverage in some top publications, including: San Francisco Chronicle MIT Technology Review Smithsonian Wired  

Acompli Blog

I help brainstorm topics and write about business etiquette and productivity on mobile for the Acompli blog. Some sample posts: Keep Your Boss in the Loop to Get Ahead Do You Take Your Job too Personally? Overcoming Offices That Kill Productivity

Acompli Launch

I was a member of the team that attained successful coverage for the launch of Acompli, a mobile email app for professionals. The news was covered in dozens of outlets, including: CITEworld Lifehacker TechCrunch VentureBeat The Wall Street Journal    

Nextbit Launch

I helped lead the initial product launch for Nextbit, a Google Ventures–funded startup that had been in stealth mode since announcing funding in January 2014. Nextbit launched its Baton app syncing product at the Code/Mobile conference in October 2014 and received more than 100 pieces of coverage, including stories in: CNET Mashable Re/code TechCrunch The