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LinkedIn Engineering Blog

I helped brainstorm topics, maintain the editorial calendar, and write and edit posts for the LinkedIn Engineering Blog, which promotes the culture of innovation at LinkedIn with employee profiles and tech deep-dives. Read the blog


I helped conceive, write, edit and schedule posts for App360, Quixey’s independent content marketing arm covering on all things mobile. Designed to bolster the conversation around the ins and outs of mobile, the blog discussed everything from new apps to overarching mobile trends like the Internet of Things. Select posts Tagged: From Social Network to Mobile Discovery …

Oh My Apartment

I researched apartment living topics and created blog content for the “Oh My Apartment” blog for The blog was designed to push traffic to the apartment ratings service by targeting common keyword searches related to apartment living. Current content is not mine. read more

Great Gift Ideas Blog

I was the founding editor of this blog, which was designed to provide great gift suggestions tailored to specific situations. I created the target personas and gift categories as well as some of the original content. None of the current content on the blog is mine. read more

Emerson College Graduate Admission Blog

I launched the initial iteration of this blog in 2008 (after much back-and-forth with the school’s IT department). It was one of the first blogs developed for the Emerson community, and launched alongside a Facebook group designed to increase engagement among prospective students. I created blogging editorial calendars for graduate student workers who contributed to …


After a short stint at Austinist, I began contributing to Bostonist in late 2007 when I moved to Boston, and became co-editor along with Rick Sawyer in April 2008. We quickly recruited a large staff of 12+ new writers to the established site and managed multiple daily news, arts, and events posts, growing the site …

Mobile Insights Blog

I ran the Mobile Insights Blog for SnapHop, a startup focused on mobile marketing. I cover topics ranging from mobile recruitment plans to social media marketing, always aiming to provide a fresh take on technical and business themes from integrating mobile into recruitment efforts to creating talent communities. Read the blog

Google Enterprise Blog

  Working with The Bulleit Group, I interviewed customers and wrote and edited stories about how they used Google Apps for Enterprise. I loved being able to ditch the jargon and write honest stories about what real professionals were doing with Google tools. I wrote about several interesting organizations, including BDP, the City of New …

Charging Forward

To establish ChargePoint’s leadership in the electric vehicle charging category, I helped compile, analyze, and describe data on EV model sales, EV driver behavior, and charging trends in a “Charging Forward” report. Get the report