Eucalyptus Editorial

Distinctive. Invigorating. Memorable.


In 8 years of writing for technology companies, I’ve learned how to take complex concepts and distill them down to their core elements. Rather than let flashy buzzwords or fancy design distract from the issues at hand, I ensure that all of my writing communicates important information in a succinct yet understandable way.

I am primarily responsible for maintaining the corporate websites for Enprecis and SnapHop. I’ve also designed market research studies, developed and maintained blogs, and written about technology.

Much of the business writing I’ve done is confidential in nature. In addition to the links above, I can supply samples of the following upon request:

  • RFP responses
  • Marketing brochures
  • Product sheets
  • Statements of work
  • Sales presentations
  • Press releases

I’m also happy to mock up drafts of such content for your company. I enjoy communicating the value proposition of a business endeavors in creative ways, and am happy to discuss how I can help your company showcase its worth.